At Val Fleuri Lannion Brittany

Self-catering accommodation for holidays for 2 people

near the Pink Granite Coast, in Lannion, Côtes d'Armor, Brittany

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Breton dances

If you wish to discover the Brittany in his all diversity, you should experience its soul and his culture in Breton dance . If you want, you can easily learn these traditional dances ... or, at the least, discover them at a "Fest-Noz" (night festival) : great fun !

It is not the surprise to know that Fest-Noz was recognized immaterial cultural heritage of the humanity by Unesco on December 6th, 2012.

If you want to know the dates and locations of imminent Fest-Noz you can see :

Every Thursday the newspaper 'Le Trégor' advertises the dates of different Fest-Noz in the area of Lannion.

In a some of towns or villages you can be introduced to Breton dances. Classes are organised in summer. You can find information in the town hall (mairie).

The breton languag

When you speak about Brittany, it's interesting to have information about the Breton language. Breton is a Celtic language. During the 5th century, a massive emigration came from the Great-Britain (Wales, Cornwall, Devon) by boat bringing a new population : the Armorique became Brittany and the Breton its language.

Here is a tiny glossary which helps you to understand better the meaning of some places, villages and towns :

Aber, Aven estuary
Armor, Arvor littoral, coast
Avel wind
Beg, Bec point, tip
Bihan little
Bras, Braz tall, big
Breizh Brittany
Digemer mad welcome
Demat Good morning
Kenavo goodbye
Fest-noz Night festival
Gwenn white, sacred
Ker town, village, hamlet
Lan hermitage, monastery
Loc isolated place, hermitage
Meur big, majestic, important
Mor sea
Penn head, top, summit, end
Plo, Plou, Pleu parish
Roc'h, Roch, Roh rock
Ti, Ty house
Tre subdivision of a parish